Western Digital WD Raptor 74.3GB Serial ATA WD740GD-50FLCO 355932-002

Product Brand: Western Digital
Product Condition: Used
Western Digital WD Raptor 74.3GB Hard drive SATA WD740GD-50FLCO

General Rotational Speed 10,000 RPM (nominal).

Buffer Size 8 MB.

Average Latency 2.99 ms (nominal).

Contact Start/Stop Cycles 20,000 minimum.

Seek Times (Average)

Read Seek Time (Average) 4.5 ms.

Write Seek Time (Average) 5.9 ms (average). T

rack-To-Track Seek Time 0.6 ms (average).

Full Stroke Seek 10.2 ms (average).

Transfer Rates Buffer To Host (Serial ATA) 1,200 Mbits/s (Max).

Buffer To Disk 816 Mbits/s (Max). Number of Heads (Physical) 2.

Formatted Capacity 74,356 MB. Capacity 74 GB.

Interface ESATA. Actuator Type Rotary Voice Coil.

Number of Platters 2. Bytes Per Sector 512.

User Sectors Per Drive 145,226,112.

Servo Type Embedded Acoustics Idle Mode 32 dBA (average).

Seek Mode 0 36 dBA (average).

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NMR 52028 (I/B 46639) P 8040

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