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A Tower Server is a computer intended for use as a server and built in an upright cabinet that stands alone. The cabinet, called a tower, is similar in size and shape to the cabinet of tower-style personal computer. This is in contrast to rack server s or blade server s, which are designed to be rack-mounted .
Advantages of tower servers include:
  • Easier cooling, because the overall component density is fairly low.
  • Scalability, because an unlimited number of servers can be added to an existing network.
  • A set of tower servers is bulkier and heavier than an equivalent blade server or set of rack servers.
  • Cabling for a large set of tower servers can be complicated.
  • A group of several air-cooled tower servers in a single location can be noisy because each tower requires a dedicated fan. can also supply Rack Mount Server with a different specification to suit your requirements; more or less memory, different or additional hard drives etc. Please CONTACT US for a quote.
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