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Samsung 3Gb (6 x 512MB) Memory DDR2 PC2-4200U 533MHz 1Rx8 M378T6553CZ3-CD5 RAM

Brand: Samsung
Product Condition: Used
MPN: M378T6553CZ3-CD5 Memory RAM
Excluding VAT: £28.50
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Samsung 3GB (6 x 512MB) Memory DDR2 PC2-4200U 533MHz


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  • 6 x 512MB Samsung M378T6553CZ3-CD5 512MB 1Rx8 PC2-4200U-444-10-A1




Product Details:


  • Size: 512MB
  • Speed: 533MHz
  • Type: PC2-4200
  • Pins: 240

Part Number M378T6553CZ3-CD5/ M378T6553CZ3 CD5 compatiblewith the following Samsung Models:


DX100S Desktop Computer, DX100X Desktop Computer, DX110SDesktop Computer, DX110X Desktop Computer, DX200QS Desktop Computer, DX210SDesktop Computer, DX210X Desktop Computer, DX300MC Desktop Computer, DX300QSDesktop Computer, DX300S Desktop Computer, DX300X Desktop Computer, DX310SDesktop Computer, DX310X Desktop Computer, E-1500D Desktop Computer, E-1500D SBDesktop Computer, E-2500D Desktop Computer, E-2500D SB Desktop Computer,E-2500S Desktop Computer, E-2500S SB Desktop Computer, E-2600D Desktop Computer,E-2600D SB Desktop Computer, E-2600S Desktop Computer, E-2600S SB DesktopComputer, E-4500S Desktop Computer, E-4500S SB Desktop Computer, OptiPlexGX620, S5000D Computer, S5000S Computer, S5200D Computer, S5200S Computer,S5600D Computer







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NMR 67786 67787 67789 67809 67790 (I/B 64938)

NMR 67792 67798 67793 64189 64191 64199 (I/B 64938)

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