Lindy 42805 USB Extension - CAT5 USB Extender (Up To 50m)

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Lindy 42805 USB Extension - CAT5 USB Extender (Up To 50m)
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  • 1 x Lindy 42805 USB Extension - CAT5 USB Extender (Up To 50m)
More Info:
Product Details:
Extends a single USB port up to 50m using low cost CAT5/5e/6 network cable (not included)
USB 1.1 compliant; supports speeds of up to 12Mbps
Powered by the USB bus, an optional power supply is available for use with high current USB devices
Compatible with all USB equipped computers including PCs and Macs
The LINDY CAT5 USB Extender can be used to extend the distance between a USB device and a host computer by up to 50m. It consists of a local unit, which connects to the computer, and a remote unit which connects to the device. Standard, low cost CAT5/5e/6 cable (not included) is used to connect the two units together.
At lengths of up to 40m, the extender can be used in conjunction with a USB hub to extend multiple devices.
Technical Infomation:
  • Connectors:
    • Local unit: Type A USB Male & RJ-45 Female
    • Remote unit: Type A USB Female & RJ-45 Female
  • Connection cable introduces signal delay:
    • 20m2 hubs
    • 30m3 hubs
    • 50m5 hubs
  • An equivalent to the number of max. 5 hubs between host computer and device (defined by USB Standard) must be regarded by the user.
  • LAN0101
  • The USB Extender should be connected directly to a USB computer root port
  • Supply Current Drawn:~20mA
  • Dimensions (each unit): 63 x 30 x 20mm (WxDxH)
  • Operating / Storage Temperature: 0~40°C / -40~85°C


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