Lenovo Thinkpad Notebook Laptop Battery - 42T4678, 42T5265, 42T4677, 42T5263

MPN: 42T4678, 42T5265, 42T4677, 42T5263
Product Brand: Lenovo Thinkpad
Product Condition: Used
Excluding VAT: £23.75
Including VAT: £28.50

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Lenovo Thinkpad Notebook Laptop Battery
42T4678, 42T5265, 42T4677, 42T5263
In good condition and in full working order
  • 1 x Lenovo Thinkpad Notebook Laptop Battery - 42T4678, 42T5265, 42T4677, 42T5263

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AJ 126267-5

AJ 126269, 126285 (I/B 126268)

  • MPN:
    42T4678, 42T5265, 42T4677, 42T5263

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