Juniper SRX100H2 - 8 Port Services Gateway Firewall Network Security Appliance

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Juniper SRX100H2 - 8 Port Services Gateway Firewall Network Security Appliance
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  • 1 x Juniper SRX100H2 - 8 Port Services Gateway Firewall Network Security Appliance
The Juniper Networks SRX100H2 is Juniper's entry firewall/vpn appliance - ideal for a small office/home office environment. Many features of the high end systems are available in this high quality, compact unit. This provides you investment protection as the system is flexible enough to fulfil many roles over the years. It's fast, it will drive BT's ADSL/VDSL modems, so you can have enterprise class protection and connectivity at a low entry cost on your broadband connection.
The SRX100H2 provides a number of key benefits:
  1. You can get leased line levels of performance and reliability at broadband costs; together with the CX111 3G/4G bridge, you can get an alternate internet connection over a mobile phone network so you should never suffer a business affecting outage
  2. This high quality system allows you to build VPN's for secure remote and inter-site connectivity
  3. Build advanced multi-zone networks including the ability to safely host servers (such as email or webserver) in a DMZ using its powerful firewall functions - allows you to get more from your internet connection.
The technical stuff
Performance is 700Mbs, so pretty much wire speed traffic to each of the 8 fully flexible, 100mbs ethernet interfaces. If you have a small number of devices, then the SRX100H2 means that you may not need to buy a dedicated switch. If you do need a switch it support VLAN's, Trunks, Aggregated interfaces and more to get the best from the rest of your network.
In addition to the speed the SRX100H2, with the CX111, gives a resilient option where, if the broadband line goes down, your internet should not!
Enterprise class, the firewall also allows you excellent traffic management options. So you can limit bandwidth usage or even boost performance for Voice traffic. The SRX100H2 is very quiet (0 dB) and drawing around 10W, costs about the same as a fluorescent light bulb to run, is well suited to an open office environment.

Key benefits of the SRX100H2:

  • Fast performance - 700Mbs means coping with next-generation broadband is not a problem even when running UTM
  • Build complex network topologies to meet your needs and control via security policies
  • 8 fully configurable 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports (with switching and VLAN support) mean not just firewall, but routing and switching needs can be met
  • Dial-in, Policy and Route based VPN built in (use the free Junos Pulse client on Windows, iPhone, Android)
  • Advanced networking with dynamic routing (inc OSPF, RIP, BGP (inc eBGP, iBGP), Multicast) means the SRX100H2 can be an end-point in a private WAN (PWAN) network
  • DHCP Server , client and relay options mean IPAM is robust and simple to use
  • Flexible Class of Service (CoS) means your traffic can be prioritised - so VoIP and other real-time network protocols can be scheduled over email and other low priority traffic if needed
  • Unlike many firewalls on the market, the SRX100H2 fully supports SNMP, syslog and NetFlow, making it a platform that is easy to manage
Note: UTM services - such as Appsecure, Antivirus, Web filtering, AntiSpam and IDP require a separate subscription
Boot Log
root>show version
JUNOSSoftware Release [12.1X44-D15.5]

root>show chassis hardware
Item Version Part number Serial number Description
Chassis BZ3613AF0315 SRX100H2
RoutingEngine REV 03 650-048781 BZ3613AF0315 RE-SRX100H2
PIC 0 8x FE Base PIC
PowerSupply 0

root>show system license
Licenses Licenses Licenses Expiry
Feature name used installed needed
dynamic-vpn 0 2 0 permanent
ax411-wlan-ap 0 2 0 permanent

Licensesinstalled: none


CS 140306 (I/B: 140584 )

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