Juniper Netscreen 50 Firewall VPN Security Appliance,Networkink, P/n NS-050-003

Product Code: NS-050-003
Product Brand: Juniper Netscreen
Product Condition: Used
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Juniper Netscreen 50 Firewall VPN Security Appliance

P/n: NS-050-003

In good condition


Removed from a company which closed, was being used up until the time we collected - no passwords or logins are supplied as they are not known to us


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Juniper Netscreen 50 Firewall VPN Security Appliance,Networkink, P/n NS-050-003

  • Integrated Deep Inspection firewall for application-level attack protection for Internet-facing protocols, applied on a per-policy basis
  • Integrated Web filtering to set policies on corporate Web use, increase overall productivity, and minimize liability associated with misuse of company resources
  • Denial of service protection to protect against more than 30 different attacks, both internal and external
  • High-availability capabilities to minimize the potential for a single point of failure
  • Dynamic routing support to reduce reliance on manual intervention to establish a new route
  • Reduction in failover time of a VPN connection, with redundant VPN tunnels and VPN monitoring
  • Virtual Router support to map internal, private, or overlapped IP addresses to a new IP address, providing an alternate route to the final destination and concealing it from public view
  • Customizable security zones to increase interface density without additional hardware expenditures, lower policy creation costs, contain unauthorized users and attacks, and simplify management of VPNs
  • Management through graphical Web UI, CLI, or the NetScreen-Security Manager central management system
  • Policy-based management for centralized, end-to-end life-cycle management

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