Hitachi CDR-8330 CDR8330 White EIDE/ATAPI Internal 24x CD-ROM Drive

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Hitachi White EIDE/ATAPI Internal 24x CD-ROM Drive
Model: CDR-8330 / CDR8330

In Good Condition
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  • 1 x Hitachi CDR-8330 CDR8330 White EIDE/ATAPI Internal 24x CD-ROM Drive
More Info:
5.25" Half-height size built-in type CD-ROM Drive
Enhanced IDE (ATAPI) bus interface (SFF8020 rev.2.6)
Standard 2.54mm pitch bus connector for non-shielded type cable
24X MAX (10.3X-24X) speed data transfer, Full CAV mode
High speed access: typical 90 ms
Large buffer memory for lookahead cache: 128 kbytes
High data transfer rates (PIO mode4): Max 16.6 Mbytes/s
Multi Word DMA mode 2, Single Word DMA mode 2
Multimedia PC3 compatible
Photo-CD Multisession compatible
CD-RW compatible
Addressing Method 2 for fixed length Packet (CD-R ORANGE BOOK Part 2)
CD Extra compatible
CD-DA (Digital Audio) data output through the IDE bus
Dust-free chassis
Embedded error correction EDC & ECC for Mode1 & Mode2 Form1
Tray type auto loading
3-way disc ejection (Software, OPEN/CLOSE button, Emergency eject)
Application Disc Types
(confirmed by Red, Yellow, Green, Orange Book)
CD-ROM Mode-1 data disc
CD-ROM Mode-2 data disc
Photo-CD Multisession
CD Audio disc
Mixed mode CD-ROM disc (data and audio)
Disc Diameter
120 mm
80 mm (with adapter at vertical mounting mode)
Data Block Size
2,048 bytes (Mode-1)
2,336 bytes (Mode-2)
Storage Capacity
650 Mbytes (Mode-1) (1M=220=1,048,576)
742 Mbytes (Mode-2)
Conditions: 333,000 blocks (74 min.)for recorded area
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  • MPN:
    LTN-486S 0T0799

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