EMC Dell CM589 005048811 AX-SS10-400 400GB SAS 10k HDD drive for AX4-5 AX4-5i

Product Brand: EMC
Product Condition: Used
Excluding VAT: £285.00
Including VAT: £342.00
EMC Dell HT302 005048805 AX-S207-010 1TB 7.2K SATA hot plug drive for AX4 series
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Part: 005048811

Name Description Min Rev Obsolete Inactive
400GB 3 Gb SAS 10K 400GB 3 Gb SAS 10K No No
Vendor Part Number Microcode RoHS

Software Notes
AX4-5 FLARE Code
Microcode Notes
Hardware Notes
Non-RoHS parts cannot replace RoHS parts in Europe (EU countries). Replace RoHS parts like for like in Europe.
Model number: AX-SS10-400
Product Model Substitute Parts

AX4 AX4-5 NA
AX4 AX4-5i NA



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