EMC Data Domain DD860 12 Bay 2x Quad Core E5540 2.53GHz 4x 1TB HDD 72GB Ram

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EMC Data Domain DD860 12 Bay

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  • 1 x EMC Data Domain DD860 12 Bay
    • 4 x 1TB SATA 3.5" Hard Drives
    • 18 x 4GB Ram (Total: 72GB)
    • 2 x Intel Xeon E5540 Quad Core 2.53GHz
    • 2 x Intel Ethernet Server Adapter Dual Port X520-SR2
    • 1 x Data Domain DDU-DDNVRAM 521-0010-0001 510-0327-0005
    • 2 x LSI SAS31601E L3-01143-03E 16-port PCI-e SAS / SATA controller card
    • 2 x 1023W Power Supply

Easy Integration

The Data Domain DD860 is qualified with all leading enterprise backup software and archiving applications and easily integrates into the existing storage infrastructure without change for either data center or distributed office data protection.Designed specifically for data protection, the DD860 is purpose-built storage for enterprise backup and archive data. Organizations achieve higher efficiencies across backup and archive applications having multiple data types, while management overhead is reduced by combining data from multiple applications into a single storage system.

Multi-Site Disaster Recovery

Connect an appliance to your backup software's media server as either a file server via Ethernet or a virtual tape library (VTL) viaFibre Channel. Symantec OpenStorage is also supported; all three interfaces can be used simultaneously. It takes just minutes to start backing up and recovering data. If required,duplicating to tape is simple using your existing software for off site protection and long term retention. For other data protection workloads, simply copy and paste files or usean archiving application to move data to the appliance.

Data Domain Replicator software is also ideal for network-efficient replication to another site for disaster recovery, remote office data protection or multi-site tape consolidation.The DD860 supports replication fan-in from Data Domain systems installed at up to 180 remote offices. Deduplication is 'global'across all of the remote sites, minimizing the required bandwidth, since only the first instance of data is transferred across any of the WAN segments. Data sets are effectively shrunk by 99%, to a size where network efficient replication is operationally feasible.

Ultra-Safe Storage For Reliable Recovery

Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture provides the industry's best defense against data integrity issues.Continuous recovery verification along with extra levels of data protection continuously detect and protect against data integrity issues during the initial backup and throughout the data life cycle. Unlike any other enterprise array or file system, each appliance ensures recoverability is verified and then continuously re-verified.The systems are configured with dual diskparity RAID-6, so two disks can fail simultaneously and the system will remain healthy. Fans and power supplies are redundant and easy to replace for added system resilience.

Operational Simplicity

Data Domain systems are very simple to install and manage resulting in lower administrative and operational costs.All Data Domain systems have an automaticcall-home system reporting capability, called Auto-Support, which provides email notification of complete system status.This non-intrusive alerting and data collection capability enables proactive support and service without administrator intervention, further simplifying ongoing management.

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