Dell PowerEdge FX2 Rackmount 4-Bay Blade Server Enclosure Chassis

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Dell PowerEdge FX2 Unswitched Rackmount 4x Half Width Bay Blade Server Enclosure Chassis

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Dell 4 Hour ProSupport Warranty Until January 9th, 2022

Dell Onsite Service Warranty January 9th, 2020


  • 1 x Dell PowerEdge FX2 Unswitched Rackmount 4x Half Width Bay Blade Server Enclosure Chassis
  • 2 x 2000W Redundant Power Supplies J5WMG
  • ReadyRails Sliding Rail Kit

Tailor your data center to your workloads
Redefine data center agility with the revolutionary FX architecture. The FX2 converged 2U rack chassis allows you to incrementally add or swap compact, modular IT building blocks, including servers, storage and IO, to fit any computing environment.
More choice, less complexity: Simplify building and managing data centers and private clouds by bringing advanced management technologies to converged infrastructure.
Right size your IT: Easily and rapidly scale the resources your workloads and business require.
Fit the infrastructure to the job: Tailor infrastructure precisely, with the right power, storage and connectivity to meet specific workload needs.
Chassis flexibility boosts efficiency
The shared cooling, power, networking, management and PCIe expansion slots in the FX2 chassis service a wide range of server/storage combinations, enabling higher granularity and greater efficiency in your IT resource management.
The flexible multi-fabric IO design allows FX servers to efficiently handle all types of storage traffic — SAN, DAS and NAS — with a design optimized for the DAS/vSAN storage environments. The FX2 chassis also features a distinctive Dell PCIe fabric that can free you from proprietary limitations and enable you to accelerate performance.
Choose your management
Manage FX servers individually as you would with traditional rack servers to integrate easily into your server management methodology, or choose managing FX servers collectively using Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) to manage both servers and chassis components. View and manage up to 20 separate FX systems from a single CMC console for simplified collective management, using either the comprehensive Enterprise or entry-level Express CMC license options.

Simplify provisioning and management

The FX architecture helps businesses grow more efficiently by simplifying data center provisioning and management. It gives IT managers a practical way to meet challenging business trends and respond to unpredictable workloads
Granular modularity provides IT resources in easily consumable "bite-sized" chunks, delivering greater flexibility to address workload needs and allowing you to budget just for the resources needed, as needed.
Innovative connectivity introduces incredible fabric flexibility for IO, storage and management, with IO aggregation that consolidates connectivity by as much as 8 to 1, greatly reducing hidden networking costs.
A complete portfolio addresses the full spectrum of enterprise computing, combining server offerings from microservers to 4-socket platforms with a high-density storage component to provide broad workload flexibility.

Provision for virtually any workload
Implement an unprecedented level of IT infrastructure density, allowing more services using fewer resources, resulting in overall lower costs and better workload performance to:
Provide highly available web services or dedicated hosting that need dense processing resources and discrete physical domains.
Drive business-critical applications, from business analytics to demanding high-performance computing (HPC), online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP) and anything-as-a-service (XaaS).
Run private clouds, databases and virtualization environments that require high-performance storage and server processing.
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