Dell PowerEdge 1950 2 x Dual Core XEON 330Gb 1U Rack mount server - full spec

Product Brand: Dell PowerEdge
Product Condition: Used
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Dell PowerEdge 1950 1u Rack Mount Server

In very good condition and in full working order

Comprising this full Specification

2 x Intel Dual-Core XEON 5110 1.6Ghz Processors

64-bit with VT - Virtualization

8GB FB 667MHZ PC5300F ECC memory

250Gb and 80Gb Hot Plug Drives

SAS 5i Integrated SAS / SATA Controller card

Dual embedded Broadcom® NetXtreme IITM 5708 Gigabit5 Ethernet NIC with fail-over and load balancing TOE (TCP/IP Offload Engine)


PCI-E Riser Card

2 x Power Supplies

Rack Mount Rail Kit

Front Bezel


Reduced Complexity

Increased Commonality = Reduced Complexity
Only Dell delivers next-generation servers specifically designed to reduce complexity.
Hence, it’s easier than ever to manage Dell servers through innovative design changes and increased management functionality, including a new Behavioural Specification that helps ensure consistency is maintained over future generations.
Plus, Dell’s industry-leading software commonality takes steps to help reduce software complexity and drive down the number of updates.
You can even break down the new servers and service without tools.

XPS 600

64-bit Intel Xenon Processor63% Performance Gains1333MHz FSB
High Performance for Today…and Tomorrow
Dell goes the distance to increase price/performance and performance-per-watt1 in its newest generation of servers. The latest 64-bit Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processors deliver performance gains of up to 63%2 over the previous generation Dual-core processors.
The Dell 9G PowerEdge servers using the Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 series (Clovertown) processors have up to 40% greater performance per watt than the 9G PowerEdge servers using Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 series (Woodcrest) processors.1
A 1333MHz FSB facilitates better speed. 64-bit memory addressability provides scalability for large memory footprint applications.
A TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) helps deliver greater network throughput and efficiency by offloading the TCP/IP processing to a dedicated processor, freeing up the main system processor in web-based applications or when using iSCSI.

XPS 600

The new PowerEdge 9th Generation servers offer up to 32GB of fully-buffered DIMM memory, twice the memory capacity of the previous generation. This allows for simultaneous reads/writes of memory and can help improve performance in virtualized workloads.

XPS 600

7.2K RPM, 1.5TB, SATA
Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives deliver the next generation of SCSI performance and reliability for critical business applications, while SATA options provide greater value for systems that rely on external storage and fiber-channel storage.

XPS 600

PCI Express I/O expansion facilitates greater I/O throughput and support for high-bandwidth I/O peripherals such as Infiniband, 4Gb fiber channel and future 10Gb Ethernet.

XPS 600

Availability Without Compromise
Dell addresses the need for high availability in the new PowerEdge 9th Generation by providing hot-plug redundant power supplies and hard drives, plus multiple SAS RAID options - without sacrificing expandability, and including support for High Availability Clustering and deployment in SANs. Redundant NICs and redundant cooling fans help keep the servers running smoothly.

XPS 600

Setting the Standard for Manageability
SAS hard drive carriers and memory options are common across the entire line of PowerEdge 9th Generation servers. The PowerEdge 1950, 2900 and 2950 feature standardized drivers and BIOS.
All servers include an Integrated Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 2.0 management controller (with SMASH Command Line Protocol).
Standard 670 Watt hot-plug power supply
Optional redundant 670 Watt hot-plug power supply - Included
Auto-switching universal 110/220 Volts
Hot-plug hard drives
Hot-plug redundant power
Redundant cooling
ECC memory
Spare Row
Single Device Data Correction (SDDC)
PERC5/i integrated daughtercard w/ battery-backed 256MB DDR2 cache
High availability failover cluster support
Integrated ATI ES1000 controller with 16MB of SDRAM
1U Rack-mountable chassis
30.4" (77.2cm) D x 16.7" (42.6cm) W x 1.67" (4.26cm) H with bezel attached
Rack Weight 35.8 lbs (16.3 Kg), maximum configuration

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