Dell Compellent Series C40 CT-040 SAN Storage System Controller Enclosure 8TTVC

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Dell Compellent Series C40 - SAN Storage System Controller Enclosure



In good condition and full working order



  • 1 x Dell Compellent Series C40 - SAN Storage System Controller Enclosure - 8TTVC With The Following;
    • 2 x Power Supplies (PWS-1K21P-1R)
    • 6GB RAM (3x2GB)
    • 1 x Xeon Quad Core E5540 2.53GHz
    • 16 x Hard Drive Caddies (NO HARD DRIVES INCLUDED)
    • 1 x LSI Quad Port SAS HBA SAS9201-16E
    • 1 x Q-Logic Quad Port Fibre Channel Adapter QLE2564
    • 1 x Compellent RAID Controller Card With Battery Backup (102-018-002C)
The Dell™ Compellent™ Storage Center™ Series 40 SAN is an all-in-one storage array that allows organizations to actively manage data at a highly granular level using built-in intelligence and automation. This ultra-effi cient, easy-to-manage storage solution optimizes drive utilization, dynamically moves data between storage tiers and RAID levels, continuously protects data against downtime and disaster, scales on demand, and quickly adapts to ever-changing business needs. Storage Center enables organizations to cut the time, cost and risk of managing enterprise storage—today and in the future.
Dell Compellent and Dell Fluid Data architecture empower organizations to move beyond simply storing data to actively managing data. Built-in intelligence and automation optimize the storage environment, and every
enterprise feature is fully integrated for optimum efficiency, flexibility and performance. Storage Center leverages a comprehensive software suite with advanced functionality. At the core of the solution is true storage virtualization, which pools all resources across the array for maximum effi ciency and performance. Thin provisioning, automated tiered storage software, and space-efficient snapshot technology help you get more out of your storage investment. Thin replication and dynamic business continuity software provide a costeffective recovery and allow for the movement of volumes between arrays without disruption.

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