Dell Compellent SC220 - 7.2TB 24 x 300GB 15K Expansion Enclosure

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Dell Compellent SC220 - 7.2TB 24 x 300GB 15K SAS Expeansion Controller


In good condition and full working order


  • 1 x Dell Compellent SC220 With;
    • 24 x 2.5" 300GB 15K (Dell Part Number: 8WR71)
    • 2 x Power Supplies (Dell Part Number: ROC2G)
    • 2 x SAS Controller (Dell Part Number: 0TW47)
    • 1 x Front Bezel
Seamlessly scale your Dell Compellent Storage Center capacity with the latest generation SC200 and SC220 expansion enclosures. Based on Dell hardware, they have the quality, reliability and efficiency you expect from Dell storage enclosures and drives. For additional space savings in high capacity environments, we now offer the SC280 dense enclosure.
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  • Choose 3.5” (SC200) and 2.5” (SC220) HDD options in a 2U chassis with SSD support.
  • Select a high-performance, flash-optimized solution with the SC220 and up to 24 write-intensive single-level cell (SLC) SSDs or a combination of write-intensive SLC SSDs, read-intensive, multi-level cell (MLC) SSDs and rotating disk.
  • Mix drive speeds and capacities within each enclosure.
  • Support up to 960 SAS back-end drives per array.
  • High-speed 6Gbps SAS interface
  • Help lower power requirements with 80 plus® Silver certified redundant, hot-swappable 700W power supplies.
  • Protect your data during cooling-system failures with the Fresh Air technology1 within the SC200 and SC220 enclosures.
  • Help reduce operating expenses with a chiller-less data center environment .
  • Compatible with Dell Compellent SC8000 and Series 40 controllers and require Storage Center 6.2 or greater.
SC200 enclosure
  • A 2U, 6Gb SAS expansion enclosure supporting up to 12x 3.5" drives for flexible capacity that can mix high speed with high capacity drives.
  • Supports 7,200 rpm and 15,000 rpm HDDs plus 200GB2 and 400GB2 SSDs.
  • Provides up to 48TB2 maximum capacity per expansion enclosure.
  • Features dual 6Gb SAS enclosure management modules.
A 2U, 6Gb SAS enclosure that supports up to 24x 2.5" HDDs or an all-flash and hybrid-flash options to enable a broad mix of storage options in one chassis.
Supports 7,200, 10,000 rpm and 15,000 rpm HDDs plus 200GB2, 400GB2, and 1.6TB2 SSDs.
Flash-optimized SC220 with Storage Center 6.4 firmware can tier across write-intensive SLC SSDs and lower-cost, high-capacity, read-intensive, MLC SSDs in a single solution.
Provides up to 38.4TB2 maximum capacity per expansion enclosure.
Features dual 6Gb SAS enclosure management modules.
Scalable and efficient expansion for block and file storage
Dell Compellent offers customers an agile, high-performance storage platform that delivers ongoing economic value. With its open, scalable hardware platform, Compellent allows you to intermix the latest industry-standard drive technologies in the same array with the energy-efficient SC200 and SC220 expansion enclosures. You can also introduce new and emerging technologies over time and on the fly to support your SAN and NAS environments and scale up and out on demand without disruption or downtime.
Scale on a single, modular hardware platform
Easily add capacity to your Dell Compellent Storage Center™ SAN and NAS environments with flexible and efficient SC200 and SC220 enclosures that offer performance and capacity options to meet your data center requirements. With Dell Compellent drives and enclosures, your organization can start with any amount of storage capacity and expand over time — from terabytes to nearly 2PB — only replacing components for new technology upgrades. You can easily combine drive and enclosure technologies to build a storage solution that optimizes capacity for maximum efficiency with a minimal footprint. Incorporating new technologies is as simple as plugging in new components. Plus, with the 2U 6Gb SAS SC200 and SC220 expansion enclosures, you can seamlessly scale your Dell Compellent Storage Center capacity, and build a complete end-to-end Dell hardware solution that can support up to 960 back-end SAS drives per system.
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