Data Track Tracker 2700 12.0303 Secure Appliance

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Data Track Tracker 2700 Secure Appliance
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The Tracker is an intelligent and flexible platform for the management of communications networks. It is a highly reliable and robust device that provides secure access for the administration of a variety of multi-vendor equipment such as PBXs and routers using IP or PSTN connections. In addition, a secure program development and runtime environment allows Tracker products to run custom applications that deliver value-added administrative services within voice and data networks.

The Tracker provides an ideal solution for the pro-active management of remotely located equipment. Multiple devices can be connected to a single Tracker, making it a highly cost effective solution. Implementing Trackers throughout a network introduces efficiency through standardising on equipment connectivity.

Trackers are multi-user devices that utilise resources more effectively by performing a variety of functions. A single Tracker can be used to collect large volumes of data such as CDR records, provide a highly secure transparent gateway for remote diagnostics or configuration, record filter and report alarms and run application specific software; all at the same time in one unit. There are over 50,000 Trackers in use worldwide.


Data Collection - collect & store data such as CDRs in non volatile memory.
Remote Access - secure access to managed devices via IP or dial-up.
Alarm Management - collect, filter and deliver ASCII, binary or SNMP traps.
Alarm Reconciliation - attempt to reset fleeting alarms.
Application Assurance - auto test of devices to see if they are working.
Fraud Detection - analyse CDRs in real time looking for unusual patterns.
Power Management - reset remote equipment power.
Environmental Monitoring - temperature & humidity monitoring of equipment.
Configuration Backup - auto backup of device configuration.
Clock Sync - synchronise time on managed devices including daylight saving.
Contact closures - door, fire, security etc detection.
Contact outputs - set an output manually or on event.
Terminal Server - multiport access to serial ports.


Reliability - extremely low maintenance design; fit and forget.
Connectivity - multiple serial, Ethernet, modem and contact closure options.
Memory - up to 2 gig of non volatile memory.
UPS - built in UPS options to power unit for up to 24 hours.
Security - highly secure unit, see separate Tracker Security white paper.
Audit Trail - the Tracker keeps a full audit trail of activity.
Future Proof - operating system, configuration and applications all remotely upgradable.



NMR 73466 (i/B 73471)

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