Cyclades PR4000 ISDN-PRI T1/E1 Remote Access Server

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Cyclades PR4000 Remote Access Server

In very good condition and in full working order.

ISDN-PRI, Channelized T1/E1 - 8 modems

The Cyclades-PR4000 is a cost-effective, powerful, stand-alone Remote Access Server that combines the latest in hardware and software technology to allow Internet Service Providers and Enterprise Network Managers to terminate both analog and digital calls and provide network access to remote offices, telecommuters, and home users.

The PR4000 connects to the LAN using an auto-sensing 10/100BT Ethernet interface and terminates one or two T1/E1 or ISDN PRI lines. With built-in digital modems and CSU functionality, it provides high-level of integration and reliability and minimizes the need for external cabling and equipment.

The powerful hardware eliminates performance bottlenecks found in other products. The PR4000 is equipped with a PowerPC CPU in dual-processor architecture (MPC860T) that provides processing power to serve all calls with high performance and maximum throughput.

Incorporating all the features of CyROS, a proven internetworking operating system, and with secondary Ethernet LAN port and optional serial WAN port, the PR4000 provides combined multi-protocol routing functionality with support for RIP, OSPF and BGP4 routing protocols.

A full-featured remote access server, the PR4000 provides advanced security, management features, and transparent interoperability with your current network. The exceptional Cyclades service and support complete the package to make the Cyclades-PR4000 the ideal solution for your remote access needs.

  • Applications:
    • Remote Access
    • Internet Service Providers
    • Telecommuting Key Features:
    • Branch to Central Office Connectivity
    • Support for 2 ISDN PRI or 2 Channelized T1/E1 lines
    • Up to 64 true digital DSP modems
    • Primary 10/100BT and secondary 10BT Ethernet interfaces
    • Terminates both analog and digital (ISDN) calls
    • RADIUS/TACACS support, PAP/CHAP authentication
    • Graphical HTTP-based management application
    • LAN-to-LAN connectivity
    • Full routing capabilities
    • PowerPC dual-processor architecture to boost performance
    • Compact design
    • Rackmountable

Cyclades-PR4000 Benefits

High-level of Integration

The Cyclades-PR4000 integrates LAN, WAN and dialup connections in one compact, stand-alone box. It accommodates 2 ISDN PRI/T1 or 2 ISDN PRI/E1 lines and can terminate both analog and digital calls with one phone number. Because the PR4000 integrates digital modems, DSU/CSU and connects directly to the communication lines and the Ethernet LAN, there is no need for external modems, DSU/CSU, servers, extra cabling, etc. This saves you rack space, installation and management headaches. The compact design uses only two rack height units (3.5 inches) and dissipates very low heat.

DSP Digital Modem Cards (8 modems per card)

Cost-effectiveness and Flexibility

By incorporating the latest in hardware and software technology, Cyclades was able to build a product that is powerful, compact, and cost-effective. It has everything needed to connect access lines to your LAN and supports all the protocols and standards you need. The digital modems are implemented using DSP technology and their software is 100% downloadable. The DSPs are mounted in expansion cards. That assures you that the PR4000 supports the most current modem standards and that it is prepared to support new standards and take advantage of more advanced DSP technology in the future.

With two fixed Ethernet interfaces, two fixed T1/E1/PRI interfaces, modular modem boards, optional WAN expansion, and standard RAM expansions, the PR4000 offers the best compromise between simplicity, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Seamless Integration to Your Existing Network

The PR4000 is powered by the standard-based Cyclades Routing Operating System (CyROS). This software incorporates all the internetworking expertise and experience accumulated by Cyclades along the years. It is a proven software platform that allows the introduction of new features and products while maintaining stability, reliability and robustness. It also provides interoperability, connectivity, security and consistent interfaces across the product line. It is tested for compatibility with equipment from all major vendors so you can rest assured that it inter-operates and seamlessly integrates in your existing network.


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