Cisco SFS7000D-SK9 - 4X DDR and SDR 24 Port Infiniband Managed Server Switch

Product Code: 446220-001 - 68-2837-02
Product Brand: Cisco
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Cisco SFS7000D-SK9 24 Port Infiniband Managed Server Switch

Model: SFS7000D-SK9
Cisco P/N: 68-2837-02
HP Spares Number: 446220-001

In good condition and in full working order
Comes with 2 power supplies and rack mount tails


  • 1 x 24 Port Infiniband Managed Server Switch With 2 x Power Supply's
  • 1 x Rail Kit For Rack mounting unit in a server cabinet

SFS 7000D InfiniBand Server Switch sets the standard for cost-effective, low-latency, 4X DDR and SDR
InfiniBand switching for building high-performance clusters. High-performance computing (HPC) applications that solve complex, computationally intensive problems are widely deployed within deliver significant business benefits. An important enabler for the broad adoption of HPC applications is the practice of clustering multiple industry-standard servers using a high-speed network to provide supercomputer performance, at a fraction of the cost of traditional supercomputers.


The Cisco SFS 7000D delivers an ideal combination of price, performance, and packaging for building high-performance server clusters of all sizes. The Cisco SFS 7000D provides 24 InfiniBand 4X ports that can operate in double data rate (DDR) or single data 960-Gbps cross-sectional bandwidth switch fabric that has less than 200 nanoseconds (ns) of port-to-port latency. In common with the Cisco SFS 7000P, the Cisco SFS 7000D comes with the embedded Cisco InfiniBand Subnet Manager, which is capable of running large clusters in a single, compact 1 rack unit (1RU) chassis.

  • Autosensing 24 InfiniBand 4X 20-Gbps DDR or 10-Gbps SDR Interfaces
  • Superior price and performance for building HPC clusters
  • Ideal form factor for top-of-rack switch for small HPC clusters or as part of a larger HPC cluster
  • Embedded Cisco InfiniBand Subnet Manager facilitates convenient “plug-and-play” operation for small clusters that can scale to
  • support large HPC clusters
  • InfiniBand 1.2-compliant
  • Easy configuration, monitoring, and maintenance in-band and out-of-band
  • The Cisco SFS 7000D provides the following features:
  • High-performance, low-latency switched server interconnect
  • 24 nonblocking, full duplex InfiniBand 4X DDR (20 Gbps) or SDR (10 Gbps) autosensing ports
  • Supports DDR-to-SDR switching capability for investment protection and higher server densities
  • Fully redundant power and cooling, with hot-swappable field replaceable units (FRUs)
  • Command-line interface (CLI), Web, and Java-based systems management options
  • 1RU stackable architecture, with included 4-post rack mounting kit suitable for rack-based shipping
  • Single hop, less than 200 ns cut-through latency port to port
  • Full bisectional bandwidth for all 24 ports (960 Gbps)
  • Optional standalone, high-performance Cisco Subnet Manager
  • Powered ports to enable flexible copper and optical interface configurations

Cisco Small Specs

System Version Information
           system-version : SFS-7000D TopspinOS 2.9.0 bgopalsh #24 02/11/2009 16:39:19
                  contact :
                     name : swibl7
                 location : 170 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA 95134
                  up-time : 0(d):0(h):54(m):18(s)
              last-change : none
         last-config-save : none
                   action : none
                   result : none
                oper-mode : normal

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