Brocade 5140 5100 NA-5140-0008 40-Port 8Gb FC SAN Switch 40-Port Active

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Brocade 5100 NA-5140-0008 40-Port 8Gb Fibre Channel SAN Switch 40-Port Active


In Good Condition And Full Working Order

40 Ports Active

No Rails Included

Fabric, Fabric Watch, Enhanced group Management, Full Ports On Demand - Additional 16-Port Upgrade and 8 Gig FC Licenses


  • 1 x Brocade 5100 NA-5140-0008 40-Port 8Gb Fibre Channel SAN Switch 40-Port Active
  • 40 x 8Gb SFP

As the value and volume of business data continue to rise, organizations need technology solutions that are easy to implement and manage, and that can grow and change with minimal disruption. The Brocade® 5100 Switch is designed for rapidly growing storage requirements in mission-critical environments—combining 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gbps Fibre Channel technology in configurations of 24, 32, or 40 ports in an efficiently designed 1U package. As a result, it provides low-cost access to industry-leading SAN technology as well as "pay-as-you-grow" scalability for consolidating storage and maximizing the value of virtual server deployments. The Brocade 5100 features a flexible architecture that operates seamlessly with existing Brocade switches through native E_Port connectivity into Brocade Fabric OS® (FOS) or environments. With the highest port density of any midrange enterprise Fibre Channel switch, the Brocade 5100 is designed for a broad range of SAN architectures. The evolutionary design consumes less than 2.5 watts of power per port for exceptional power and cooling efficiency, and features consolidated power and fan assemblies to improve environmental performance and reduce ownership costs. These capabilities help make the Brocade 5100 a cost-effective building block for standalone networks or the edge of enterprise core-to-edge fabrics. To consolidate server connectivity using Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE), the Brocade 5100 is compatible with Brocade CEE/FCoE solutions


  • Delivers full 8 Gbps 1:1 performance for up to 40 ports in an energy-efficient, optimized 1U form factor
  • Offers best-in-class port density and scalability for midrange enterprise SAN switches along with redundant, hot-pluggable components and non-disruptive software upgrades
  • Features Ports on Demand capabilities for fast, easy, and cost-effective scalability from 24 to 40 ports in 8-port increments
  • Provides Adaptive Networking services, such as Quality of Service (QoS), to help optimize application perormance in consolidated, virtual environments
  • Supports Fibre Channel Integrated Routing for selective device sharing while maintaining remote fabric isolation for higher levels of scalability and fault isolation
  • Enables logical partitioning of switches and fabrics into virtual data and management domains through Virtual Fabrics
  • Offers dual functionality as either a full-fabric SAN switch or as an NPIV-enabled Brocade Access Gateway that simplifies server connectivity in heterogeneous enterprise fabrics
  • Utilizes the Brocade EZSwitchSetup wizard to simplify deployment, and is Microsoft Simple SAN-compatible (Brocade DCFM Professional is included for fabric-wide SAN monitoring and management)
Boot Log

LWSIBRO02:FID128:admin> chassisshow

FAN Unit: 1

Time Awake: 0 days

FAN Unit: 2

Time Awake: 0 days


Time Awake: 0 days


Time Awake: 0 days


Header Version: 2

Factory Part Num: 40-1000133-14

Factory Serial Num: ALM1908H020

Manufacture: Day: 28 Month: 1 Year: 2012

Update: Day: 2 Month: 5 Year: 2017

Time Alive: 1641 days

Time Awake: 0 days


Part Num: BROCAD0000510

LWSIBRO02:FID128:admin> switchshow

switchName: LWSIBRO02

switchType: 66.1

switchState: Online

switchMode: Native

switchRole: Principal

switchDomain: 1

switchId: fffc01

switchWwn: 10:00:00:05:33:d2:99:94

zoning: OFF

switchBeacon: OFF

FC Router: OFF

Allow XISL Use: OFF

LS Attributes: [FID: 128, Base Switch: No, Default Switch: Yes, Address Mode 0]

Index Port Address Media Speed State Proto


0 0 010000 id N8 No_Light FC

1 1 010100 id N8 No_Light FC

2 2 010200 id N8 No_Light FC

3 3 010300 id N8 No_Light FC

4 4 010400 id N8 No_Light FC

5 5 010500 id N8 No_Light FC

6 6 010600 id N8 No_Light FC

7 7 010700 id N8 No_Light FC

8 8 010800 id N8 No_Light FC

9 9 010900 id N8 No_Light FC

10 10 010a00 id N8 No_Light FC

11 11 010b00 id N8 No_Light FC

12 12 010c00 id N8 No_Light FC

13 13 010d00 id N8 No_Light FC

14 14 010e00 id N8 No_Light FC

15 15 010f00 id N8 No_Light FC

16 16 011000 id N8 No_Light FC

17 17 011100 id N8 No_Light FC

18 18 011200 id N8 No_Light FC

19 19 011300 id N8 No_Light FC

20 20 011400 id N8 No_Light FC

21 21 011500 id N8 No_Light FC

22 22 011600 id N8 No_Light FC

23 23 011700 id N8 No_Light FC

24 24 011800 id N8 No_Light FC

25 25 011900 id N8 No_Light FC

26 26 011a00 id N8 No_Light FC

27 27 011b00 id N8 No_Light FC

28 28 011c00 id N8 No_Light FC

29 29 011d00 id N8 No_Light FC

30 30 011e00 id N8 No_Light FC

31 31 011f00 id N8 No_Light FC

32 32 012000 id N8 No_Light FC

33 33 012100 id N8 No_Light FC

34 34 012200 id N8 No_Light FC

35 35 012300 id N8 No_Light FC

36 36 012400 id N8 No_Light FC

37 37 012500 id N8 No_Light FC

38 38 012600 id N8 No_Light FC

39 39 012700 id N8 No_Light FC

LWSIBRO02:FID128:admin> licenseshow


Fabric license


Fabric Watch license


Full Ports on Demand license - additional 16 port upgrade license


Enhanced Group Management license


8 Gig FC license

LWSIBRO02:FID128:admin> switchstatusshow

Switch Health Report Report time: 02/09/2018 04:05:53 PM

Switch Name: LWSIBRO02

IP address:

SwitchState: HEALTHY

Duration: 00:02

Power supplies monitor HEALTHY

Temperatures monitor HEALTHY

Fans monitor HEALTHY

Flash monitor HEALTHY

Marginal ports monitor HEALTHY

Faulty ports monitor HEALTHY

Missing SFPs monitor HEALTHY

Error ports monitor HEALTHY

All ports are healthy


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