Brocade 300 NA-320-0008 24-Port 8Gb FC SAN Switch 16-Ports Active + Licenses

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Brocade 300 NA-320-0008 24-Port 8Gb FC SAN Switch 16-Ports Active + Licenses
In Good Condition, Full Working Order
16-Ports Active
Fabric, Fabric Watch, First Ports On Demand-Additional 8-Port Upgrade, Enhanced Group Management, 8 Gig FC, Extended Fabric, Performance Monitor, Fabric Vision, And Trunking Licenses
  • 1 x Brocade 300 NA-320-0008 24-Port 8Gb FC SAN Switch 16-Ports Active + Licenses
  • 16 x 8GB SFP Modules
The Brocade 300 is a 24-port switch that provides an affordable, flexible foundation for entry-level SANs, and an edge switch for core-to-edge SAN environments. It delivers 8 Gbps performance in an energy-efficient, optimized 1U form factor to support the most demanding server and virtual server deployments.
Systems Architecture
Fibre Channel ports
  • Switch mode (default): 8-, 16-, and 24-port configurations (8-port increments through Ports on Demand [PoD] licenses); E_, F_, M_, FL_ Ports
  • Brocade Access Gateway Default Port Mapping: 16 F_Ports, 8 N_Ports
  • Full fabric architecture with 239 switches maximum
Certified maximum
  • Single Brocade FOS fabric: 56 domains, 19 hops
  • Single Brocade M-Enterprise OS (M-EOS) fabric: 31 domains, 3 hops
  • Larger fabrics certified as required; consult Brocade or OEM SAN design documents for configuration details
  • 1.063 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 2.125 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 4.25 Gbps line speed, full duplex; 8.5 Gbps line speed, full duplex; auto-sensing of 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gbps port speeds; optionally programmable to fixed port speed; speed matching between 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gbps ports
ISL Trunking
  • Brocade Frame-based Trunking with up to eight 8 Gbps ports per ISL trunk with optional license; up to 64 Gbps per ISL trunk (8 ports × 8 Gbps [data rate])
  • Exchange-based load balancing across ISLs with DPS included in Brocade Fabric OS
Aggregate bandwidth
  • 192 Gbps: 24 ports × 8 Gbps (data rate)
Maximum fabric latency
  • 700 ns with no contention, cut-through routing at 8 Gbps
Maximum frame size
  • 2112-byte payload
Frame buffers
  • 700 dynamically allocated, 484 maximum per port
Classes of service
  • Class 2, C lass 3, C lass F (inter-switch frames)
Port types
  • FL_Port, F_Port, M_Port (Mirror Port), and E_Port; optional port type control
  • Brocade Access Gateway mode: F_Port and NPIV-enabled N_Port
Data traffic types
  • Fabric switches supporting unicast, multicast (255 groups) and broadcast
Media types
  • 8 Gbps: Brocade 300 requires Brocade hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector; 8 Gbps SWL, LWL, ELWL
  • 4 Gbps: Brocade 300 requires Brocade hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector; 4 Gbps SWL, LWL, ELWL
  • 1 USB port for firmware download, supportSave, and configuration upload/download
Fabric services
  • Brocade Advanced Performance Monitoring (including Top Talkers); Adaptive Networking (Ingress Rate Limiting, Traffic Isolation, QoS); BB credit recovery; Brocade Advanced Zoning (default zoning, port/WWN zoning, broadcast zoning); Bottleneck Detection; Dynamic Path Selection (DPS); F_Port Trunking; Extended Fabrics; Fabric Watch; FDMI; Frame Redirection; FSPF; IPoFC; ISL Trunking; Management Server; NPIV; NTP v3; Port Fencing; Registered State Change Notification (RSCN); Reliable Commit Service (RCS); Simple Name Server (SNS)
  • HTTP, SNMP v1/v3 (FE MIB, FC Management MIB), Telnet; Auditing, Change Management tracking, Syslog; Brocade Advanced Web Tools, Brocade Fabric Watch; EZSwitchSetup wizard, Brocade Network Advisor SAN Enterprise, or Brocade Network Advisor SAN Professional/Professional Plus;command line interface; SMI-S compliant; Administrative Domains; trial licenses for add-on capabilities
  • DH-CHAP (between switches and end devices), FCAP switch authentication, FIPS 140-2 L2-compliant, HTTPS, IPsec, IP Filtering, LDAP with IPv6, OpenLDAP, Port Binding, RADIUS, TACACS+, User-defined Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Secure Copy (SCP), Secure RPC, SFTP, SSH v2, SSL, Switch Binding, Trusted Switch
Management access
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45), in-band over Fibre Channel; serial port (RJ-45); USB
  • POST and embedded online/offline diagnostics, including RAStrace logging, environmental monitoring, non-disruptive daemon restart, FCping and Pathinfo (FC traceroute), port mirroring (SPAN port)
  • Non-port to port side airflow; 1U, 19-inch EIA-compliant, power from port side
  • Width: 42.88 cm (16.88 in)
  • Height: 4.29 cm (1.69 in)
  • Depth: 30.66 cm (12.07 in)
System weight
  • 4.2 kg (9.30 lb), without SFP/SFP+ media
  • Operating: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
  • Non-operating and storage: −25°C to 70°C (−13°F to 158°F)
Boot Log


Time Awake: 0 days

FAN Unit: 1
Time Awake: 0 days

FAN Unit: 2
Time Awake: 0 days

FAN Unit: 3
Time Awake: 0 days

HeaderVersion: 2
Factory PartNum: 40-1000165-14
Factory SerialNum: ALJ1925J047
Manufacture: Day: 28 Month: 5 Year: 2013
Update: Day: 13 Month: 11 Year: 2015
Time Alive: 795 days
Time Awake: 0 days
Part Num: BROCAD0000300

switchName: switch03
switchType: 71.2
switchState: Online
switchMode: Native
switchRole: Principal
switchDomain: 3
switchId: fffc03
switchWwn: 10:00:00:27:f8:91:c3:58
zoning: ON (config_1_v1)
switchBeacon: OFF

Index PortAddress Media Speed State Proto
0 0 030000 id 8G No_Light FC
1 1 030100 id 8G No_Light FC
2 2 030200 id 8G No_Light FC
3 3 030300 id 8G No_Light FC
4 4 030400 id 8G No_Light FC LS
5 5 030500 id 8G No_Light FC
6 6 030600 id 8G No_Light FC
7 7 030700 id 8G No_Light FC
8 8 030800 id 8G No_Light FC
9 9 030900 id 8G No_Light FC
10 10 030a00 id 8G No_Light FC
11 11 030b00 id 8G No_Light FC
12 12 030c00 id 8G No_Light FC
13 13 030d00 id 8G No_Light FC
14 14 030e00 id 8G No_Light FC
15 15 030f00 id 8G No_Light FC
16 16 031000 -- N8 No_Module FC (No POD License) Disabled
17 17 031100 -- N8 No_Module FC (No POD License) Disabled
18 18 031200 -- N8 No_Module FC (No POD License) Disabled
19 19 031300 -- N8 No_Module FC (No POD License) Disabled
20 20 031400 -- N8 No_Module FC (NoPOD License) Disabled
21 21 031500 -- N8 No_Module FC (No POD License) Disabled
22 22 031600 -- N8 No_Module FC (No POD License) Disabled
23 23 031700 -- N8 No_Module FC (No POD License) Disabled
Fabric license
Fabric Watch license
First Ports on Demand license - additional8 port upgrade license
Enhanced Group Management license
8 Gig FC license
Extended Fabric license
Fabric Watch license
Performance Monitor license
Trunking license
Adaptive Networking - obsolete license
Server Application Optimization - obsoletelicense
Fabric Vision license
Switch HealthReport Reporttime: 06/07/2019 01:07:14 PM
Switch Name: switch03
IP address:
SwitchState: HEALTHY
Duration: 00:02

Power suppliesmonitor HEALTHY
Temperaturesmonitor HEALTHY
Fans monitor HEALTHY
Flashmonitor HEALTHY
Marginal portsmonitor HEALTHY
Faulty ports monitor HEALTHY
Missing SFPsmonitor HEALTHY
Error portsmonitor HEALTHY

All ports arehealthy
Fabric OS: v7.2.1c1
Made on: Wed Oct 8 23:34:57 2014
Flash: Sun Jul 12 07:59:22 2015
BootProm: 1.0.11

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