Blade RackSwitch G8124 24 Port 10GbE SFP+ 10G Network Switch Layer 3 L3

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Blade RackSwitch G8124 24 Port 10GbE SFP+ 10G Network Switch Layer 3 L3

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  • 1 x Blade G8124 Managed 24-Port 10Gb SFP+ Fibre Channel Rack Switch BAF-00027-00 with 2 x PSU

We have in stock New 2M SFP+ to SFP+ cables which are compatible with these switches at £23 each (if purchased with the switch). If you wish to purchase some, please click ask seller a question and advise how many cables and how many switches are required so that we can send you the offer through ebay to include them, you will then will be able to complete the purchase.
Features and Specifications:
The BLADE Network Technologies' RackSwitch™ G8124 is a 10GbE switch specifically designed for thedata center, providing a Virtual, Cooler and Easier network solution.
The RackSwitch G8124 is "Virtual"- for the first time providing rack-level virtualization of networkinginterfaces for a rack full of server and storage systems - decoupling the scaling of networking andcomputing capacity via on-switch SmartConnect™ software. Patent-pending VMReady™ extensionsenable movement of virtual machines—providing matching movement of VLAN assignments, ACLs, andother networking and security settings. Using VMReady, the trusted zone for the virtual machine is nevercompromised.
The RackSwitch G8124 is "Cooler"- implementing server-like directional cooling to maximize datacenterlayout and provisioning. Its superior airflow design complements the hot-aisle and cold-aisle data centercooling model.
The RackSwitch G8124 is "Easier" with server-oriented provisioning via point-and-click managementinterfaces, along with BLADEHarmony™ Manager for updating large groups of switches.
The low latency offered by the RackSwitch G8124 makes it ideal for latency sensitive applications suchas clusters and financial applications. And the G8124 supports the newest protocols - includingConverged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) for support of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).
The RackSwitch G8124 offers 24 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports in a 1 RU footprint. Designed with topperformance in mind, the RackSwitch G8124 provides line-rate, high-bandwidth switching, filtering, andtraffic queuing without delaying data, and large data-center grade buffers to keep traffic moving.Redundant power and fans along with numerous high availability features ensure that the RackSwitchG8124 is always available for business-sensitive traffic.

Boot log:

RSG8124#show version

SystemInformation at 16:49:55 Sat Dec 31, 2000

Timezone: America/US/Pacific

DaylightSavings Time Status: Disabled

BladeNetwork Technologies RackSwitch G8124

Switchhas been up for 0 days, 0 hours, 21 minutes and 44 seconds.

Lastboot: 16:28:45 Sat Dec 31, 2000 (power cycle)

MACaddress: 00:22:00:d6:2b:00 IP (If 1)address:

MGMT-APort MAC Address: 00:22:00:d6:2b:fe

MGMT-APort IP Address (if 127):

MGMT-BPort MAC Address: 00:22:00:d6:2b:ef

MGMT-BPort IP Address (if 128):


SwitchSerial No: CH49260090

HardwarePart No: BAC-00045-00 Spare PartNo: BAC-00045-00

Manufacturingdate: 09/26

SoftwareVersion (FLASH image2), active configuration.

Fansare in Front to Rear AirFlow, Warning at 85C and Failure at 100C

TemperatureSensor 1: 27.5 C

TemperatureSensor 2: 30.0 C

TemperatureSensor 3: 32.00 C

TemperatureSensor 4: 40.50 C

TemperatureSensor 5: 33.50 C

Speedof Fan 1: 13917 RPM (161 PWM)

Speedof Fan 2: 13917 RPM (161 PWM)

Speedof Fan 3: 14099 RPM (161 PWM)

Speedof Fan 4: 13846 RPM (161 PWM)

Speedof Fan 5: 14062 RPM (161 PWM)

Speedof Fan 6: 14136 RPM (161 PWM)

Stateof Power Supply 1: On

Stateof Power Supply 2: On

RS G8124#

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