Berkshire Products PC WatchDog Temp Monitor Computer Card ISA-1090

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Berkshire Products PC WatchDog Temp Monitor Computer Card ISA-1090
Model: 1090

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  • 1 x Berkshire Products PC WatchDog Temp Monitor Computer Card ISA-1090

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ISA PC Watchdog Timer Description

This board is a short 8-bit ISA card that monitors a PC for hardware/software lock-ups to ensure maximum system availability. It provides a solution for file servers, telecom systems, kiosks, video surveillance systems, industrial applications, etc. that occasionally lock up but must be available on a continuous basis. The PC Watchdog board only requires that you have an 8-bit ISA slot available and a PC with a reset switch. The reset cable is disconnected from the motherboard (CPU) and plugged into the PC Watchdog board. When the PC locks up and the PC Watchdog times out, then it will perform the equivalent of a push-button reset. The PC Watchdog board ships with utility programs and APIs for control of the board. Source code is provided for all included software. The PC Watchdog works with most any operating system on a PC.


  • Time-out delays available from 2 seconds to 2 hours.
  • Two on-board relays (DPDT - 2 form C) can be programmed to generate a 3-second pulse or latch-on continuously after a PC Watchdog initiated reset.
  • Relay contacts available on screw terminals, a DB-9 connector, and an internal header on the board.
  • Over temperature option monitors the internal temperature of the PC.
  • Two temperature trip points - user programmable.
  • With temp option a relay can be programmed for a 3-second pulse or latch-on after the overtemp trip occurs.
  • Audible alarm and external signal output for the temperature trip point.
  • Two externally visible LEDs show status of PC Watchdog board. One LED lights after first PC Watchdog generated reset as a visible indication that a PC Watchdog reset occurred.
  • User I/O ports that can be used for enhanced PC Watchdog control and monitoring from user program.
  • User I/O port enables the user to control one of the relays from a user program.
  • Programmable power-on delay to allow the PC to complete its initialization sequence.
  • PC Watchdog board can be disabled via user software.

CS 138734 (I/B: 138736 )

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